Inside Passage
Inside Passage #2
Misty Fjord
Humpback whale bubble net feeding
Sea Lions
Glacier Bay National Park
Glacier Bay National Park #2
Glacier Bay National Park #3
Mendenhoff Glacier
Brown bear or Grizzly
National Park service renger station in Denali
Bull caribou walking in the Fall colored tundra
Sightseeing plane flying between us and Denali
Denali in B+W
Female moose in the Denali valley
Male Willow Ptarmigan
Mother grizzly and two yearlings
Cross fox with his next meal, a ground squirrel
Dall sheep
Ground squirrel
Bull moose in a kettle pond
The view from the porch of the campground above our lodge
Caribou showing a blood ingorged rack
Pregnant female Grizzly
Denali National Park treeless valley
Northern Lights above our lodge
Northern Lights
An Iconic view of Denali and the Denali highway
Denali from Wonder Lake
Sunset Reflection
Alaskan Range from Reflection Pond
Sunrise on Denali
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