Fog image comparison question?

It was foggy on Lake Macbride when we woke this morning. I did not hear the forecast, so was surprised. I wanted to get out and photograph the unique beauty of a fog. But we had Renee's grandkids, so I was delayed until nearly 10:30 before I could get out.

This image has three distinct layers; the island of trees in the background, a group of geese flying over the water (the middleground) and another group of geese swimming in the thawing lake waters (the foreground). I took a few quick images (after all the geese were flying) and continued my journey deeper into the park.

Below: The top image is the RAW unprocessed image, without any Photoshop or Lightroom actions/manipulation and converted to JPG.

The bottom image was altered via Photoshop to bring out the subtle colors of the water, yet shows the dense fog.

I like both versions, please let me know which one you prefer.