White Egret Landing

There is a backwater area on Lake Macbride where I can almost always find waterfowl, from various ducks, geese, herons and egrets.  The herons and egrets are the most sensitive to the activity of humans. There are times, I can not step off the trail into the grass without the herons and egrets flying away. I wish they could understand, that I don't want to disturb them, just take their picture. There appears to be a margin of safety that each species lives by, with the herons being the most skittish, followed closely by egrets. Most of the time the geese and most ducks couldn't care if I am in their line of sight or for that matter, anywhere near them.

I try to approach the herons and egrets very slowly and if possible from the side with my camera and 100-400 lens, handheld, ready for any action. Occasionally, the sun backlights the birds as they feed, take-off, fly or as seen below, land. These birds look gangly and awkward when on the ground or in the water hunting for food, but when they are flying, it’s like watching an aerial ballet. I think the translucent feathers of their spread out wings while landing is a beautiful site.

On a side note, one evening, mid summer, I was fortunate to watch a doe and her two fawns approach the backwater edge, drink and disappear in a matter of less than a few minutes. I stood absolutely still, not even swatting at the mosquitoes. I didn't have the proper lens to get a photograph, so I just watched. Sometimes that is even a better memory than a image.

White Egret Landing_MG_5366.jpg