When I returned from Brainard Lake Recreation Area, I stopped a the entrance of RMNP, to ask if there had been any sightings of moose around Spraque Lake, as Renee and I had seen them there earlier this year. The ranger checked with a few other rangers and said yes, that early in the mornings, a family of moose had been seen almost daily, in the area.The next day, I ventured into RMNP, heading in early, to Spraque Lake. When I arrived there were only a few cars in the lot, so I grabbed my camera bag and tripod in anticipation of finding the moose family. It did not take me long to find the other visitors. They were gathered just off the loop trail near a small pond, lots of cell phones were out and a few point and shoot cameras. I setup my canon 80D with the 100-400 lens on the tripod and walked up a small rise so I would be able to get a clear shot at the moose family. There was a female in the pond feeding, a pair of yearlings frolicking in and out of the pond and a large bull standing very still on the edge of the pond. I soon had a few of the other visitors join me, asking if they could look thru my camera at the moose. I locked down the equipment, and let them view the action from about 100 feet away.

The image below, was one of the last ones taken that morning. The bull had not moved in over two hours when one of the yearlings walked over by him, drank some water, and turned and rubbed noses with the bull. It was a very loving moment. I spoke to the ranger as I was leaving, and he commented that this bull is a little crazy, he stands around for long periods of time, not moving, than suddenly charges at some human visitors that are in his line of sight. He then returns to stand still again for a while. He has never hit a visitor, but seems to enjoy scaring them.

FYI - I didn't get directly in front of the bull that morning, mostly, because there was not a clean line of site for my photography. Renee and I returned later that week and did not see the moose family.

A Moose Kiss_MG_4532.jpg