Fall Colors 2017

Overall, the fall colors were not what I had hoped for. Fall is my favorite time for a NE Iowa road trip. This season's dull foliage can be blamed on the above-average September temperatures and dry weather in the Midwest. Both of Iowa's DNR and Foresters officers I spoke with forecasted a delay in peak leaf colors of up to two weeks, mostly muted foliage, and, in worst case, lots and lots of brown leaves that may or may not fall quickly.

Well, they were right. The hot temperatures in September caused leaves to continue to produce chlorophyll, the pigment that gives them their green color. Some of the leaves still changed colors, but they were not as bright and colorful as they've been in previous years, and many of them did drop sooner than usual.

I walk the trails around Lake Macbride as often as possible, and on one of my hikes, I carried my Canon 5D Mark IV camera and the 24-105mm lens, hoping to see some color. It was a beautiful day with mostly clear skies and a few high level clouds. In one of the coves with the sun off to the side, with the lake calm, a light wind, this image was one of the best of this year fall colors.

Fall 2017 Lake Macbride_img2960.jpg