I should have carried a tripod.

The image (below), of a raindrop hanging from a branch, was taken early in the morning, hand held without a macro lens. I always carry a camera with me when hiking, I just didn't expect to need both a tripod and a macro lens.

This morning, the woods was damp with many of the undisturbed branches loaded with water drops hanging down ready to fall. I was nearly done with my walk when I spotted this large drop. I stopped, relaxed, controlled my breathing, adjusted the camera settings, focused as close as possible using my Canon 5D and 24-105mm lens, and fired off a couple of shots. I felt a slight breeze and suddenly, the raindrop was gone. Perhaps I would have had time to setup a tripod and switch to a macro len (had I had them with me), but most likely there was not enough time.

Again, I continue to tell everyone, get out and enjoy nature, and especially, the simple beauty that can be found from a walk in an Iowa woods.