While out hiking this morning

I got out into the woods near the Coralville Reservoir this morning with the intent of getting my daily 10,000 steps in early. The calm wind, sunny skies and above normal warm temperatures for February, made it a great walk. When I came to an opening in the woods, I looked up and saw several eagles, both mature and immature ones, riding the rising thermals. I flashed back to the promises of the 1960's, that we would have flying cars by now, as I so wanted to float like the eagles.

The bright sun glowing thru the tail feathers of the eagles caught my eye. I laid down on my back, pointing my camera to the sky and waiting patiently for a mature eagle to fly above me. The image below is one of a few I was able to get. The  semi-transparency visible in the tail feathers was just beautiful. I still wish we had flying cars.