"They're ba-ack"

One of the unforgettable lines in Poltergeist "They're ba-ack" came to mind this morning as I was walking the Solon to Lake Macbride trail. The American White Pelican has returned for a stopover in Iowa on their way to their breeding grounds in Canada (see chart below). I wonder how long they will be here? This is the earliest I have seen them on the lake and per a local DNR conservationist, it is also the earliest they have seen them. They usually arrive in late March or early April.

The image below is one where the sea gulls and the pelicans are standing on the shallow rocks surrounding a fishing island on the north side of the lake. As soon as the pelicans stopped swimming, the preening begins. I plan on heading out near sunset to see if I can catch them doing their unique feeding ritual where, in a group they cooperate and corral fish to one another.

Here we have yet another sign that Spring is coming to Iowa.