Sandhill Cranes, an upcoming photography stop

I was in CO for several days last week, visiting some good friends while photographing in and around RMNP. It truly is a completely different place in the winter. The ranger at the entrance said I was only the 55th person to enter the first afternoon I was in the area. I remember that last years total attendance was 4.5 million, a new record. I drove around, taking some images of the elk and lots of snow capped mountains..

When my time in the area was up, I headed towards Kearney NE, with a goal of checking out my next photography adventure. In a few weeks, I and 9 other photographers will be in a bird blind, photographing the morning waking-up of an estimated 650,000 Sandhill cranes. I spotted the whirling flight of the cranes from the interstate, and turned south to see if I could find them. It was a beautiful early Spring day, and I had a window rolled down. Suddenly, I heard this unfamiliar sound, I knew I was close, as I had just crossed the Platte river. Off to my left was a frenzy of activity; cranes preening, flying in, flying out, singing, dancing, yes dancing. The male jumps up with his wings out, calling a loud rattling "kar-r-r-r- o-o-o" sound in a pre-mating ritual by unpaired cranes. The image below was one of a dozen images of a crane(s) who either took off or were landing near me.

I am looking forward to my next adventure.