Oh No!

I had a great night last night. Walked to the lake about 45 minutes before sunset, sat down on a dock, stayed very still and waited for the pelicans to come back in searching for dinner. After about 10 minutes, they started to float up, between the two docks. It took that long for them to accept the new object, me, was no longer moving and was not a threat. The pelicans came within 25 feet of where I was sitting, until they sensed something, they turned and floated about 10 feet away, only to return, over and over. It must have been good hunting, as more and more pelicans came up, between the two docks too feed.

I fired off images at 7 frames per second, trying to capture the entire pelicans hunting/eating motions until nearly sunset. After dinner, I browsed thru the images, only to stop, and laugh at this one image (see below). I immediately saw the humor. Can you imagine what we humans would be thinking, if we were looking down, into a large orange opening, knowing that we were suddenly dinner.

I had never created a "talk bubble" before in Photoshop, it turns out to be very easy.