Eagle Nest

The other day, Renee and I went out on a road trip to enjoy a beautiful display of bluebells in NE Iowa. The wet spring weather seems to have brought out more bluebells than last year. After lunch and a drive in the country, we stopped near an eagle's nest I had spotted last year. I was not sure if it was still active or not. As we slowly approached, Renee spotted movement in the nest that was still over 100 yards away. I grabbed my Canon 80D with a Canon 100-400 lens. Up in the nest, maybe 75' off the ground, was a watchful parent and an eaglet. The other parent was just off to the side, on the same branch. Both parents were watching us, just as we were watching them. Shortly after we arrived, the other parent flew off in search of food for the eaglet that was "testing" its voice. It was just an amazing day.