Canon EOS 5D Mark IV video image capture

I have always been disappointed with the video capabilities on my 5D Mark II camera. It would randomly hang and not save the video that was being recorded. I was forced to turn off the camera each time it occurred. Unfortunately, Canon was aware of this issue as it happened on so few of cameras that they were never able to correct it.

I recently purchased the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera and had a chance to test the video features a few nights ago at my granddaughter's spring concert. I took several Full high-Definition (Full HD) videos of their performance, Everyone was very pleased with the outcome.

This evening I decided to look into a feature of the EOS Movie Utility where you can generate a still image from a video file. The still image specs were 8bit, 1.12MB, 1920x1080 with a resolution of 72ppi. The image below is a 1/4 crop from the actual image capture. An image that you certainly can post on social media or a personal website. Good Job Canon!