Spring in Rural Iowa

I went out a few days ago, cruising around Eastern Iowa, looking for farm scenes, a change from my usual wildflowers, animals, birds and grandkid photography. The clouds were building, looking like a storm was likely, but unfortunately, never materialized. I visited several counties and on the way back towards Lake Macbride, I came saw this beautiful farm. 

I always try to pre-visualize, see link below, as taught by Ansel Adams, what my final image would look like. But on this day, I didn't have a clue as to how I wanted to display it. The next weekend, I ran across some work by a Minnesota photographer, Douglas Cummelin. He inserted one of his sunset images into a outline of Minnesota on a brochure promoting his work. I thought I would try it. This is my first attempt to show the beauty of Iowa, one of the fly over states. Your comments are always welcomed.