My first attempt since grad school to photograph the Milky Way

My first attempt since grad school, I was a TA at UNI, in Science Education, to photograph the Milky Way. Last night the sky was clear, the weather was in the 70's with falling humidity. There are no street lights in the association where we live at Lake Macbride. I setup my Canon 5D Mark IV on a tripod in the front yard. ISO settings started at 6400 and as the night progressed, I dropped it to 1600. Using a 19mm lens, I started shooting at 1 minute, but the images had some star trails. I finally got down to a 25 second exposure without any star trails. It was approaching midnight when I saw a jet off to the west coming across my camera's field of view. I waited a few seconds to press the remote switch with the hope of catching the plane in the image (see below).

This image was 35 seconds long, so some star trails were just starting and unfortunately, the planes lights seem to have been just bright enough, that the Milky Way was washed out. It was a fun adventure. I will be out again tonight.

1st MilkyWay attempt.jpg