We attended a very nice, small celebration of our countries founding last night.

I have attended almost all of the Cedar Rapids Freedom festival fireworks.since it's inception nearly 30 years ago. Renee and I were busy yesterday watching a parade in the morning with family, and doing some outside work that needed to be completed in the afternoon/evening. We ended up with a late supper which put us too late to head to Cedar Rapids. Instead, we drove over to Lake Macbride State Park, found us a spot on the beach near another Canon photographer, and sat down to watch and photograph the fireworks over the lake.

It was a very nice show and appreciative crowd. Instead of tens of thousands of people we had several hundred scattered around to watch a nearly thirty minute fireworks show sponsored by Cottage Reserve. In all, I missed the music with the fireworks, but not the crowds.

The image below was taken about 1/3 of the way into the show. f/11, 28mm, ISO 400 for 4.4 seconds.