All in a row!

I went out for a long walk yesterday around the lake and the reservoir. As usual, I carried in my backpack, a camera and a couple of lens ranging from 24 to 400mm. Some leaves are beginning the slow process of changing color, a few red leaves hanging on the branches, but a lot if yellow leaves already on the ground. As I reviewed my images this morning, I noticed that I had unconsciously taken several photos that screamed "All in a row!.

The hike started with a group of geese on a log, preening. A little while later, I came across some ducks resting on another log. Towards the end of the walk, as I neared boat docks for our association, I heard and then spotted several loud birds sitting on a cover of a pontoon boat. They apparently were not happy with several other birds attempting to land on "their" spot. Sometimes, I think we forget how social animals are. Perhaps we humans should practice sitting all in a row and talking.

All in a row-082517_MG_1926.jpg
All in a row-082517_MG_1953.jpg
All in a row-082517_MG_2134.jpg