2017 Solar Eclipse

Renee and I went to St. Joseph MO to see the 2017 Solar Eclipse. There were thousands of cars, RV's and campers at the airport. Unfortunately, there were two layers of clouds moving in opposite directions during the eclipse. We were able to see, thru the clouds, maybe 60 total seconds of the eclipse. This photo is from early on, when one layer of clouds thinned out allowing the crowd to view the early transit of the moon. A few sunspots are visible in the image, as well as the thin cloud layer obscuring the sun. There was some cheering every time the eclipse became visible and amazement when the total eclipse darkened the sky.

Traffic was as one would expect, bumper to bumper from the airport to well into Iowa. Stop and Go for nearly 4 hours.

2017Solar Eclipse from StJosephMO_MG_1824.jpg