White Egret Resting

The last couple of weeks were really busy with working, family and planning another vacation to CO. Last Thursday, I was able to get out and wanted to walk some of the more hilly nature trails at the Coralville Reservoir. I grabbed my camera bag and headed towards the U of I Field Campus NE of North Liberty. On the way there I decided to swing by one of Lake Macbride backwater areas to check on the pelicans, egrets and herons that feed there. I parked and immediately spotted several white egrets sitting in the trees. This is a common behavior. Egrets rest in trees overlooking the water where they are feeding. Also, both egrets and herons behave like most birds and perch in trees at night as protection from ground dwelling predators that might catch them off guard. As I walked around the backwater for about an hour, I spotted several egrets in trees (see image below). Unfortunately, I did not get my 10,000 steps in, but I did get some great images.

White Egret-091417_MG_3444.jpg