Winter is the time to photograph eagles

I have always enjoyed watching and photographing the Bald eagle. Yesterday, I spent several hours driving along the Cedar River basin south of Cedar Rapids. My goal was to find an eagle sitting on the ice, enjoying a fresh "frozen fish" lunch. 

After about an hour, I saw an eagle in an opening thru the trees and quickly parked my car on the side of the gravel road trying not get stuck in the rapidly melting snow. Moving as slowly as possible so as not to attract any additional attention, the window was lowered. Sitting still for several more minutes I very slowly raised my camera, placing it on the bean bag. There was no one else around. No other noise, not even the wind. Focusing on an eye, I fire off one shot. The eagle turned and glared at me. From over one hundred yards away, it had to have heard the sound of the shutter. I quickly fired off several additional shots while it was staring at me (see image below).

Did I get an image of an eagle eating yesterday? No, not this time. But I did get to enjoy several minutes one on one with an American Bald eagle. About 15 minutes after I lowered the camera, the eagle looked around as if scouting the area, and flew off, heading up stream. Perhaps back to the convocation around the roller dam.