An example of the kindness of fellow Iowans

Today, I witnessed what it means to be a true Iowan. I was down at the Macbride Nature Center, photographing the creatures at the bird blind during this morning's snow storm. After about two hours and hundreds of images, I hiked back to the car and started to return home. There are two fairly large hills near the entrance to the center and my Camry decided to pause about 1/3 of the way up the first hill. No matter what I did, I was not going anywhere. A couple of gentlemen stopped and took me up to the maintenance shed to see if anyone was working. No such luck. I called a tow truck, but they were busy and it would be at least an hour or more. The gentlemen offered to wait around with me. After about twenty minutes, another pair of drivers started into the center, we stopped them, warning them about my car and the slick road. It turns out they were part of the volunteers that work at the nature center. One of them offered me a seat in their car and said I could wait with them until the plow driver or tow truck arrived. I thanked the original rescuers and moved into another vehicle so that they could get on their way. After about another thirty minutes, another volunteer arrived and he started plowing the road. We followed them to my car, where I was dropped off. Again, I thanked them for their time. I backed down about 25 feet, sliding into the plowed lane and was able to get up the hill and out of the area to the highway. This is exactly what it means to be an Iowan. 

These two images (below) were from this morning. the squirrel was really entertaining, with lots of praying for the snow to stop. The comb on the cardinal looked like it was frozen.

squirel in the snow_MG_8349.jpg
cardinal at feeder in the snow_MG_8418.jpg