Winter means snow

By living in Iowa, we are able to enjoy all of the seasons. I have always liked Winter, from snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking and of course, photography. However, I don't like the extreme temperatures and windchills well below zero that we had earlier this winter.

But I do like snow. Lots of snow. After the latest six inch snowfall, I headed outside for the fresh air, with extra batteries and warm hiking boots. What I found was the Cedar River at Sutliff Bridge open with plenty of small icebergs floating down (see image below). As I headed towards Palisades-Kepler State Park, I saw this curving path going up the hill in the snow. Where was it going? With the heavy clouds to the south, it looks like someone drove right off the top of the hill into the clouds (see 2nd image below). Not finding anything I wanted to photograph at Palisades, I headed to Lake Macbride State Park. There, I walked most of the dam to beach trail, after all, it was balmy 12 degrees outside. The last image is the trail at the boat dock, before I headed out towards the dam. A crystal clean snow, with sunny clear skies, cold temperatures; what more could someone who likes winter ask! I did not see anyone else out enjoying the latest winter snow, that was unfortunate.

Cedar River-3622.jpg
Where does this lead_3593.jpg
Macbride lake trail after the snow storm-3577.jpg