Screaming Eagle

I had to run into Cedar Rapids today and when I was done, I swung by the roller dam. There were a few eagles flying, a lot sitting on the north bank. However, there was a couple of mature Bald Eagles not 75' from my location. I took several images as the sun peaked out from some low clouds about an hour before sunset. An immature eagle landed on the same branch as this eagle creating a little action. The mature eagle (see image below) started screeching, turned to face the immature one, and flapped its wings until the immature eagle flew off. This eagle continued screeching and displaying for a good 4 to 5 minutes, i.e. 40-50 images. I really like the way the sun was sets off his angry looking eye.

Canon 80D, 100-400mm II lens at 400mm (560mm equivalent), ISO 400, 1/5000 sec at f/5.6, hand held using the car as a blind. I did crop the image and reduced it to 4x6.

eagle screaming_MG_7912.jpg