The American White Pelicans are back

The annual migration of the American White Pelicans to the Coralville Reservoir and Lake Macbride has begun. I hiked down towards the edge of the reservoir today where a huge pod of pelicans were resting near the shoreline. Two pelicans (see first image below) flew right at me as they came in to join the pod. For being such a large bird, they are very graceful when flying. As I waited around, taking a few videos and additional images, an immature eagle swooped over my head and over the pelicans, sending about one half of the pod into the air (see second image below).

On a side note: Today as I was hiding in some waist high bushes about 50 feet from the water the unique odor of the pelicans came back to me. Several years ago, a couple of us went up river in canoes, under HW965, into a pod that easily held several thousand pelicans. The smell was worst than a pig pen; worst than fresh manure being spread on a farm field. If you ever get close enough to smell it, you will never for get it.

I hope you get a chance to see these magnificent creatures. 

american White Pelicans#1_MG_0138.jpg
American White Pelicans#2_MG_0114.jpg